Our Vision


We support local people in Horsham to enhance their lifestyles by providing personalised and holistic care, coupled with presenting opportunities for them to participate with and contribute to the local community.


Just because people need a bit of help, it doesn’t mean that they don’t have the same aspirations for a fulfilling lifestyle as people who are independent. This is why our values are so important. We’ve structured them with your care needs in mind, and they underpin everything we do.

Your life, your way, our care

We want you to be as independent as possible. We recognise that you’re in control and make the decisions, so we’ll provide you with impartial information and advice to help you make those decisions. Your wishes are paramount.

Enhancing lifestyles

We consider well-being to be as important as personal care, and so our service supports this holistic view. We also recognise that peoples’ needs evolve.


As a local business, Horsham Home Care plays an active part in the Horsham community. Everyone should have an equal opportunity to feel part of, contribute to, their community. So we’ve established strong links with local organisations to give our clients the opportunity to participate.